After a decade of technology consulting, Mario Vitellozzi discovered opportunities at the intersection of technology and entertainment where he could find welcome company for the original dramatic and comedic stories he longed to bring to life. It started with Technical Directing and grew to Screenplay Writing, Commercial Voiceovers, Music Video Writing/ Directing and live Standup […]

Football Film to Promote Sustainable Filmmaking ABOUT THIS CAMPAIGN My name is Antonio Saillant, a graduate from New York Institute of Technology and CEO of Angel Light Communications and Dream Destinations LLC and I am dedicated to sustainable filmmaking. I am announcing that our film, Knights “58”, currently in pre-production and scheduled for production in […]

“A true and grand friend filled with the art of listening and a genuine heart.” – Film Director, Executive Producer: Law and Order SVU

Mr. Bruman is an experienced attorney with over twenty years of courtroom experience. He has handled more than 8,000 legal matters and has exclusive experience dealing with cases of high conflict. He is the current Owner, Director and majority Shareholder of Bruman & Baer, P.C. Attorneys at Law in Houston, Texas. He is also a […]

Antonio Saillant, (Director) who lives in New York City, is the owner of Angel Light Communications, a production company that gives inspired film makers the chance to make their dreams into reality. He formed his own company with the goal of developing films for a global audience. Saillant produced the fantasy thriller, “The Ascension” starring […]

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“It’s a football story like we’ve never seen depicted on the big screen before,” said Antonio Saillant, Angel Light Pictures’ founder, and president, about his directorial debut, The Golden Knights. Based on the true story of the Northern Valley Regional High School Golden Knights, this family-friendly film will focus on the underdog team’s infamous 1979 season, where […]