Pledge to our amazing campaigns and You'll be getting a great t-shirt. And you'll also be helping to save our only home, Earth. All our proceeds benefit completing our mission for our sustainable film because Our Green Performance campaigns will help safeguard our planet by informing everyone on the variety of environmental issues as well as to educators on how they can make a difference.

Earth, Our one and only home! While NASA and others search for another planet to make our home why not focus on all the issues that are affecting and destroying the planet. Our planet with beautiful animals that we need to save from extinction, trees to grow and to preserve, water to drink and not waste, and air to breathe and focus on clean energy so we may lessen or rid of future diseases. Earth is our only home.

KNIGHTS 58 "Angel Wings" T-Shirts Campaign[Ships globally]



KNIGHTS 58 "Angel Wings" T-Shirts Campaign

Greening Sports Movie Campaign

Angel Light Communications Launched Sports Movie-Awareness Campaign With PledgeSports

All you sport fans!

The world’s first fully-zero waste production sports movie [Knights58] is in the works to be shot sustainably. Angel Light Communications and Dream Destinations LLC and the Environment have joined forces to launch a global campaign to improve the sustainable awareness within the sports industry by being first sports movie to be a Zero-Waste production. 

We can use the global power of sport to drive green change. 

What happens when you cross three of life’s greatest challenges– sports, films, and sustainability? Knights58, “Here it is.” 1st sports movie to be shot sustainably

Sports Movie-Awareness Campaign

Sports Movie-Awareness Campaign