The Production Company

Angel Light Communications and Dream Destinations LLC are two New York based production companies, specializing in independent film, scripted and nonscripted television and branded entertainment. Angel Light creates films, combining traditional studio story development with aggressive and cost effective independent production. Angel Light seeks to develop movies from unique and original stories. The company also looks for material from books; short stories, articles and other sources it believes will translate into great movies. Angel Light develops and produces narrative and documentary features and is currently in development on two documentaries. 

Background: Independent films have become more popular with audiences, as well as with major Hollywood stars, directors, writers and producers. Major Hollywood players want to be a part of the independent film world because of their unique sense of creativity.

Target Market: Knights "58" is a genre film, which will be categorized as a drama/sports film. Sports films have become reliably successful. What is it about a sports picture that scores high and wins big at the box office? The industry seems to be producing this new genre of a film at a rapid rate without hesitation. What is perceived about this new genre, is that there will be so many of these types of films in the future when you stop by your local DVD rental facility to pick up your prestigious new releases or download a movie online, there will be a section dedicated to all sports films. Since the year 2000, there have been two to three sports films produced a year, at least one of them produced by Walt Disney.


In the past, many great sports theme movie releases have included such films as A League of Their Own, Caddy Shack, Raging Bull (a Scorsese masterpiece), Bull Durham, Hoop Dreams, Hoosiers, and the greatest underdog story to be penned on paper, Rocky. All of these are phenomenal timeless pieces of art that should be included in any movie buffs collection. So we know that the popularity of this genre has existed many years before, but only until recently has it become a necessity for movie lovers to see that one great sports film each year.

What makes these films so well rounded with fans? It’s the magic of sports competition dramatized, the underdog hero/heroin or team succeeding, the human nature to win. All of this combined can make the story on film exciting. It can and does put us on the field, court or arena. The viewer becomes the ball or the puck. It allows us to feel the power of a slap shot and the distance of a long throw. We become one with the picture, which is perfectly okay. Movie magic exists for that simple reason, to keep you in tune with the film so you don't get dragged out of it. Let's get even more obvious. Everyone loves a true overcoming the odds story. No matter what age, race, or sex we have a built up sensation inside of us to want to shove our success in the faces of all the doubters. This is what most of these sports pictures offer. "You can't do it. You're no good. You can't win." All of these clichés are clichés for a reason. We all can relate in one way or another.

If you have ever been the underdog and have come out on top, maybe not in sports generally speaking, but just in life, then you can directly relate to these stories because you are living proof and it always helps to get a positive reminder of the past. If you have never conquered the odds or have not tasted the victory, you are still hooked on a story when you watch these films because you enjoy the feeling of an underdog winning. A good story can often fill your eyes with tears in a roller coaster ride of life with an ending of victory.

What is the real reason these movies are a success? Yes; they are under-dog films and they make us want to play sports even though we may be bad at them, but they have what we demand and enjoy, a well-developed plot. Most of these types of films that have been released within the past five years have been based on a true story. You can't get any more realistic than true stories. Remember the Titans, Glory Road, Cinderella Man, Coach Carter, Lords of Dogtown, Miracle, The Greatest Game Ever Played, Friday Night Lights, Invincible, and Gridiron Gang? These are based on true stories. Two of these films deal with racial discrimination against blacks who played with whites on the same team for the first time. Two of the other films include economic and social adversity. One of them involves heavy drug use. Another one of them deals with convicts. To put a sports story together you cannot simply base it on sports alone. You cannot expect to write a basketball film and just have the characters play basketball. We have the NBA to take of that for us. We want to see the drama of what these characters really have to go through to achieve victory or what causes them to downfall. Why? We all know we’re one fine line away from failure and success, devastation and victory, overwhelming sadness and joy. All of these ingredients make the best films.